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Public & Co.

Public & Co.

It was a Sunday morning when we walked into Public & Co.

We were greeted by a friendly man to take us straight to a seat. There were two parts to the restaurant – a more relaxed cafe part, dimly lit with a big couch and small circular tables and the other side was lightly lit and had bigger tables. The chairs looked slightly horrible.

The coffee came quickly and was apparently great. I saw some very nice lunch and main dishes on the menu, such as a pull pork slider (one of my favourites).

Off the breakfast menu we ordered buttermilk biscuits with strawberries and cream. The biscuits weren’t actual biscuits, but more scones. The cream was soft and awesome. The butter that came with it had, what I thought was, sugar infused inside. It was deluxe. The strawberries were deluxe too. It took longer than the coffee. Longer than I would like. I would definitely order that again. I could have overstated that just a bit.

I can’t fully rate this restaurant with such a small tasting. It will have to be revisited.

restaurant reviews

Bib and Tucker

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The first impression of the room was good. But, when we came to the table it slowly dropped. The chairs were too low. I could just see over the table. We had to ask for a higher wooden chair. So, if you go, make sure you sit at one of the tables with wooden chairs. We ordered wine, but it took so long we had to ask the waiter to hurry up. I was impressed to see the entrees come at a much more efficient time. My crab slider was fantastic, with terrific crunch. The pulled pork was on tostadas and came with eight small pieces. One word can describe it – delicious. The oysters were average. They should be ice-cold, instead they were too warm.

Another problem – the small square table. It could only just fit our food on it. So we had to take things away in order to make room. For the mains we ordered – pork belly, barramundi, fettucine and hand cut chips, on the side. The pork belly had good tasty meat but the crackling was chewy and not that crunchy crisp crackling I was hoping for. The barramundi was yum. It had crispy skin and the fish fell apart beautifully. The pea puree that came with it had an amazing texture. The fettucine was horrible and it was not seasoned at all. The dish was plain and there were big chunks of pasta sheets stuck together. The hand cut chips were average. They were not the chips you have with your meal.

For dessert we had banana and caramel sandwich with peanut praline crisp, a pear and star anise tarte tatin and a coconut and white chocolate pannacotta with a strawberry salad. The banana and caramel sandwich was split into two halves – one side banana and the other side caramel. I preferred the caramel side. The peanut brittle was delicious. The pear tarte tatin was not OMG. The pear was slightly undercooked which made it harder to break with your fork. The pastry was average. The pistachio ice cream that came with it had whole nuts in it. I would prefer the pistachios to be fully blended. The pannacotta was silky smooth. Maybe just too much coconut. The strawberry salad was great. The Italian waiter was very nice and we gave him a twenty-dollar tip. The dessert wine was fantastic.


Rating 13.5


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