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Public & Co.

Public & Co.

It was a Sunday morning when we walked into Public & Co.

We were greeted by a friendly man to take us straight to a seat. There were two parts to the restaurant – a more relaxed cafe part, dimly lit with a big couch and small circular tables and the other side was lightly lit and had bigger tables. The chairs looked slightly horrible.

The coffee came quickly and was apparently great. I saw some very nice lunch and main dishes on the menu, such as a pull pork slider (one of my favourites).

Off the breakfast menu we ordered buttermilk biscuits with strawberries and cream. The biscuits weren’t actual biscuits, but more scones. The cream was soft and awesome. The butter that came with it had, what I thought was, sugar infused inside. It was deluxe. The strawberries were deluxe too. It took longer than the coffee. Longer than I would like. I would definitely order that again. I could have overstated that just a bit.

I can’t fully rate this restaurant with such a small tasting. It will have to be revisited.


3 thoughts on “Public & Co.

  1. Fran Musca says:

    Nice work Jasper. Yes funny that biscuit/scone thing- it is very American. What they call a biscuit we’d call a scone more or less, what we call a biscuit they call a cookie, and as for what they call a scone? It is a sort-of-scone covered with sweet icing! Interesting…

  2. sandy says:

    Sounds like you are giving them a chance to prove themselves with a bigger eating experience… very fair approach I think….

  3. Liz says:

    Sounds like a place worthy of a visit Jasper. Is this a Freo cafe? – I don’t know it. And I am curious to see the slightly horrible chairs..

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