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HAYASHI – Japanese


A nice waiter took us to a table in the middle of the restaurant. We sat down and made a choice of Gyoza for entree and chicken teriyaki plus Yaki Udon noodles. The restaurant was nicely lit. It was a relaxed, casual looking restaurant. It was about fifteen minutes before the Gyoza came out which I thought was a minimal wait. We were given six Gyozas which meant three each. They looked good. They were light and fluffy with good texture, but not something that screams OMG. They were good, but not amazing. The chicken teriyaki came ten minutes after the Gyoza, as did the Yaki Udon noodles and rice. The teriyaki chicken was nicely cooked. It was succulent and moist. The salad was really refreshing. The dressing was fabulous. The salad was mostly cabbage and carrots. The Yaki Udon noodles had beef, cabbage, carrots and noodles. The noodles were fat. The noodles were really nice. They yelled a lot of flavour. The beef didn’t really stand out that much. I thought it was a bit tough. I found the beef average. I would recommend Oceans near Coles in Fremantle. They make fabulous Katsu chicken as well.


13 – Good

1-5 Horrible, 6-8 Not worth it, 9-10 Average, 11-13 good, 14-15 Very good, 16-17 Awesome, 18-20 Perfect


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