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Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse


After a tiring day at Adventure World and not eating it was time to have a late lunch at 3 o’clock. We didn’t have any idea of where to go. Then I saw the Warehouse out of the corner of my eye. We thought it looked good, so in we went. A nice waiter asked us what we wanted as soon as we sat down. We ordered a burger with fries on the side. They had to ask the kitchen to reopen again since it had just closed – which they did. It wasn’t even three yet – it was 2.52pm. The place looked quite groovy and cool.

It took 16 minutes for the food to arrive, which is slightly too long.

We had decided to share a burger since the waitress said she herself could only eat half for lunch. When it arrived I was so happy we were sharing it between us because it was HUGE.

We cut it in half and started eating but the pattie was so big I found it extremely hard to eat. The bread was normal. The lettuce and tomato was the same as lettuce and tomato always is. The cheese was really nice; stringy and good quality cheese.

Now to the pattie- it was extremely fat. You couldn’t fit your mouth around it, which is a bit stupid. Plus one half was pink and a bit raw. I thought it was dumb to make a huge pattie which just annoys customers when you could easily make a small one that is divine.

The chips were nice and hot. I had to break them in half to allow them to cool. But really the chips could have been amazing but they weren’t.

All in all, I was disappointed

Score 8.5/20

1-5 Horrible, 6-8 Not worth it, 9-10 Average, 11-13 Good, 14-15 Very good, 16-17 Awesome, 18-20 Perfect