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San Churro

San Churro

After looking at Tabella’s not too impressive dessert menu, I decided that San Churro might be more suitable. I am a big fan of churros and that is what I always get there. I have never been let down by San Churro churros. I always order churros for one. The churros are crunchy and really delicious. I asked for cinnamon sugar on mine which is amazing. You get a choice between dark, milk and white chocolate. I prefer milk chocolate but dark is still very nice. But white chocolate is going too far. I think it is too sweet and slightly sickening. The service is always fast. Overall you can’t beat their churros (unless you go to Spain).

1-5 Horrible, 6-8 Not worth it, 9-10 Average, 11-13 Good, 14-15 Very good, 16-17 Awesome, 18-20 Perfect