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On Wednesday the 19th of March I found myself in Tabella. A waiter took us to a nice seat close to the window. Every table had a candle. I scanned the menu and saw something appealing called Duck Ragu. The staff were funny and nice. If you go I recommend you get a seat by the window because it is nice to see everything outside. It looks good inside with nice lighting and chairs hanging from the ceiling. About fifteen minutes later my dish arrived. It was fairly well presented. I was very hungry so I got stuck in. The pasta was fresh and hand-torn into sheets. I believe the pasta sheets could have been torn into slightly smaller pieces because they were quite hard to fit in your mouth. The stewed duck was amazing. It was really tasty, that duck. The sauce was very tasty – a mixture of tomatoes, garlic and maybe onions. Although the sauce could have been a bit less salty. Overall the meal was quite nice indeed. I would come back again to make a better judgement. My overall score was 13.

1-5 Horrible, 6-8 Not worth it, 9-10 Average, 11-13 Good, 14-15 Very good, 16-17 Awesome, 18-20 Perfect


Tabella 2