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Oceans – Japanese

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After a few drinks (non alcoholic beverages!) at Clancy’s Fish Pub we went to Oceans for a relaxed meal. Oceans is a Japanese restaurant. It is a laid back restaurant, not a fancy pancy dine in. I ordered the Katsu chicken box which consisted of a salad, rice, miso soup and chicken Katsu. The restaurant is fairly small with not many tables. I like the decorations such as the ukuleles and the surf board over the kitchen saying “Oceans.” It took about six minutes for the food to arrive. The service is great. They serve it in a box with three compartments for the salad, rice and chicken, with the miso on the side. They gave me eight pieces of chicken. The deep-fried chicken was crunchy and very tasty – some of the best chicken Katsu I have ever had. The salad had carrot, lettuce, tomato and corn. The dressing was wonderful. The rice was just rice. The miso was tasty, but not awesome. I have eaten the chicken Katsu many times and it has been consistent every time. YUMMY.

I know one dish isn’t much to go on but I rate the Chicken Katsu…14

1-5 Horrible, 6-8 Not worth it, 9-10 Average, 11-13 Good, 14-15 Very good, 16-17 Awesome, 18-20 Perfect